Creative Top-Notch Team

Digital Media Geek has gathered a top-notch team of experienced tech professionals to take you to the next level. We will work with you to create outstanding digital solutions for your business.

Digital Consulting

We can help you assess your strategy, plan your course, and implement solutions for real results.

Marketing Operations

We employ the most relevant and up-to-date marketing tactics that fit your business needs and target audience.

Sales Process Management

Our expertise and tools allow us to help your company  reach its sales objectives.  

Web Design

Our team can create amazing web experiences, beginning with deep market research, practical strategies, and professional execution.

Digital Media Geeks

We bring you new customers

We offer lead generation marketing, conversion marketing, SEM and SEO website design services. We also like working with startups with a limited budget to plan out a strategic marketing campaign needed to get their business off the ground. Here at Digital Media Geek, we focus on three fundamental elements your business needs to succeed: website designing, website development, and marketing. These elements help generate traffic to your website, and gain revenue both on and offline.

(SEO Marketing, PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing)

Digital Media Geek

Fully-Managed Hosting

We believe that managed hosting is a way to empower our clients to focus on their core business and take the hosting maintenance off their chores list.

We offer automatic WordPress updates that you can leave on auto-pilot or schedule. We run the latest PHP versions, but allow you to switch between versions.

We enable automatic caching for your website +CDN Caching, but you can easily switch it off, Lower server time (TTFB), Resource acceleration, so you get the performance you want.

Through our partnerships with Baqend & Cloudflare, we can provide page speed as a service to our customers. 

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Email Marketing

We create tailored marketing campaigns to engage with your audience. These campaigns will introduce new customers to your products and services efficiently and effectively.

Content Marketing

We tailor a bespoke content marketing strategy for each client. Our experienced copywriters know how to make words sell.

SMS Marketing

We provide a fully managed SMS marketing campaign for your product or service or message. Let us send your next Text!

Advanced Analytics

We provide an advanced fully customized analytics dashboard that connects to all your platforms to give a full view of your business!

Web Hosting

We provide full service Website Hosting, Dedicated Servers, application servers for all of your business structure.

Expert Consultancy

Our team helps develop online marketing strategies for your business to get found easily on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Digital Media Geek Blog

Configuring IPv6 on CentOS

Introduction Digital Media Geek supports IPv6 for all VPS and Dedicated Servers. To enable IPv6, use either of these methods: CentOS 8 Dynamic configuration Populate /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens3 with:

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